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healthy curls

Get ready for your curls and waves to be reborn! 


I never really liked my hair. I would not say I despised it but I was definitely ashamed of it. But that is all in the past.

A few months ago two of my friends recommended I look into the Curly Girl Method. Since then I have spent hours researching it, reading articles about it, consulting my hair on various FB groups with other girls who have wavy/curly hair. You could say I became obsessed with improving my hair!

I decided to set up a website for anyone who also wishes to have healthy looking curls but has no idea where to start. HEALTHY CURLS. I know exactly how difficult it is to go through all the information and understand only 1/10 of it. It seems like a science, doesn´t it? I will help you as much as I can with this complex method, and with achieving your ‘Holy Grail’ of healthy curls.

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My Story
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What is the main purpose of

Healthy Curls?

I am hoping to build a strong community of wavies and curlies who are willing to pass on their experience to others. I would love to hear experiences and stories from women and men all around the world. If you are enthusiastic and have a story to tell, please join us! There is always a space for you and your hair journey.

You can look forward to discovering lots of information. There will be articles, videos and tutorials of people discussing their healthy curls journey. Who exactly am I talking about? For example mothers who have no time at all but still achieve beautiful hair. Curly boys who decided to have healthy looking hair - even though it is still seen as a woman only territory. But those times are long gone. Curls are for everyone. You will read stories about women with extremely damaged hair from years of colouring and straightening. One of the big topics I will be talking about here will focus on people who have suffered hair loss, and this method has helped them bounce back and regain their confidence. But do not worry. I will not leave those with good and strong hair behind. There are always ways to improve and get the most out of your natural hair. Do you have afro hair but you gave up on taming it? You can unlock its natural power and potential. You will also find out about common mistakes and how to avoid them. And so much more!

I am mainly interested in the 99 percent of us whose hair is far from ideal. Every day I see a lot of pictures of women and men and their perfect hair, almost too perfect if you know what I mean. And there are thousands of comments saying ‘Oh man, I wish I had your hair’ or ‘How can I achieve that?’. This world is full of fake beauty and it is about time to honour the real one.

This method is unique but it does not create miracles. Please be realistic. If your hair is fine and thin, you simply will not get hair as thick as Julie Roberts in Pretty Woman. We cannot change our genetic predisposition. But it does not mean that you will not be able to achieve healthy, wavy and shiny hair if you use the right technique and products. Stop comparing your hair with others; start focusing on your own.

And that is the main mission of this website.

I am offering you consultation on top of the website content. You can get in touch with me either via Instagram @healthycurlsnow or simply send me a message through the form here. I am more than happy to help you. This method works for everyone who has naturally wavy/curly hair. There are so many girls with ‘straight’ hair who have no idea that they actually are curly. If your hair does not curl, not even a bit, when it rains outside, then unfortunately this method will not work for you. Do not despair! It does not mean that by taking good care of it, like us, that it cannot be healthy and shiny.

Achieving HEALTHY CURLS is not a sprint; it is a marathon. Be patient, be determined and your effort will be paid off. I am sure of it. Let’s get your HEALTHY CURLS  journey started.

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